The ATAUCHI Project

El Naturalista has formed a corporate social responsibility department to integrate their social actions into a natural element of their business strategy. This new department represents the active and voluntary contribution of the company for social, economic and environmental improvement.
The most visible example of this commitment to social responsibility is the Atauchi Project. With every shoe of the “NASCA” line, one Euro is directly donated to a special project, selected by El Naturalista.


To date, El Naturalista has donated more than 150,000 Euros to the Atauchi Project. The first undertaking was to help rebuild several schools and to train teachers to assist children in the province of Piura, a rural area in the north of Peru. Today our efforts are focused on building "The City of Hope", a home for disabled and abandoned children in Arequipa, Peru. This home will provide care for 113 children.


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