El Naturalista fund childrens educational and childcare projects

El Naturalista’s social conscience and its commitment to social responsibility are an essential part of its corporate philosophy. El Naturalista is committed to helping the most needy, and since 2004, it has contributed to the education of children in Third World countries. We are passionate about this work! Beginning in 2009, our Department of Social Responsibility will provide additional funding for these projects.


Until now, funding has been generated through the sales of shoes from the Nasca collection, which has provided more than 150,000 Euros to the Atauchi Project. But our commitment to the world’s needy demands more of us. For this reason, during this new season we will designate a share of the profits from each shoe sold. We believe that we should do our small part to make the world a better place.


Thank you very much for sharing this journey with us!