Code of Conduct

    1. El Naturalista’s 10 commandments reflecting the philosophy and spirit of the company:

    2. 1. El Naturalista respects and promotes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
      2. El Naturalista respects and complies with the standards established by the International Labor Organization.
      3. El Naturalista respects minimum age standards and does not employ underage persons pursuant to the local laws in
    3. each country.
    4. 4. El Naturalista does not discriminate based on sex, race, religion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, political opinion, or
    5. physical or mental disability.
    6. 5. El Naturalista’s workers have the right to organize, to form a union and to engage in collective bargaining.
    7. 6. El Naturalista guarantees a safe and healthy workplace and assures suitable conditions to carry out workplace functions
    8. and professional activities.
    9. 7. El Naturalista complies with the existing labor legislation, respecting the collective agreements for each sector as
    10. applicable.
    11. 8. El Naturalista pledges to respect and preserve the environment by using natural materials and dyes, promoting
    12. traditional methods of production, and using, whenever possible, recyclable and biodegradable substances.
    13. 9. El Naturalista carries out humanitarian work through its Atauchi social Project, and works with disadvantaged
    14. populations by promoting initiatives that improve education as a fundamental pillar of development.
    15. 10. El Naturalista believes in human values and promotes social responsibility as an important component of its
    16. corporate philosophy in order to be a sustainable and responsible company.