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Published on 02/28/2013

Delishoes- El Naturalista "cooks" shoes

Just imagine finding the recipe of a renowned chef on the sole of your shoes, wouldn't it be fun? Truly in line with the motto "Are you going to show me your shoe sole? I want to cook the famous transparent tortilla!" As from summer 2013, El Naturalista makes this a reality...

The special star of the new collection: Dani García

His creativity in the kitchen aroused our interest.

He was captured by our unique designs and exclusive soles.

Together we are concocting a fusion between fashion and haute cuisine with one of the most promising gastronomic talents in the world.

Dani García and El Naturalista.

The source of inspiration for the models in our new collection is somewhat different: dishes by the Spanish 2-Michelin-Star chef Dani García. In his restaurants he strives to make new creations, whilst at the same time preserving the traditional flavours of Andalusian cuisine.

Dani Garcia 


Blending fashion and haute cuisine: five new lines, five new soles

Five new shoe lines emerged from this interesting concept inspired by Dani García's culinary creations.

Camarón ("Prawn"):

Inspired by the transparent Prawn Tortilla. The summer shoes in this line are distinctive by virtue of the mix between a casual and elegant style.

Croché ("Crochet"):

This is a core element in Calima, Dani García's restaurant in Marbella, Spain. The models have a simple, feminine touch.

Contradicción ("Contradiction"):

This reflects the union between El Naturalista and Dani García, in that both the eye and the foot of the El Naturalista frog blend into each other on the cutlery.


This is a natural reserve in Andalusia which, with its extraordinary karst formations, is one of the most impressive landscapes in Spain. Torcal has lent itself to a new El Naturalista line, as well as to one of Dani García's dishes.

Believer Dani:

The perfect mix of espadrilles, ballerina and sports shoes enable us to encapsulate our Believers in their own line.


Have you ever dreamt of pistachio green, blueberry red or pumpkin yellow shoes?

Well your dream will come true in the summer of 2013!

The new collection is accompanied by many powerful tones, most of which El Naturalista has, as always, borrowed from Mother Nature. Some of these new colour tones are: calabaza (pumpkin), arandano (blueberry), coco (coconut), lima (lime), caoba (mahogany), pistacho (pistachio), piedra (stone)...

 Croche N691

360º design for the perfect fit

This is a process during which the leather is stitched directly to the sole. This ensures that uncomfortable creases or edges in the shoe disappear. This way of crafting the shoes ensures absolute flexibility and maximum comfort. In addition to this, the sole is made of a thin layer of natural rubber with cork.

Try it for yourself!


Environmentally-friendly outsole

Some products in the new collection have the 2-layer sole which is made of split leather. The extraordinary feature is that the sole is made from the one piece and therefore the shoe is made to last longer. The main components are natural rubber and recycled cork for greater walking comfort.


Carefully chosen and handcrafted

First of all so-called truffle leather is used. This originates from a selection of the best leather in Spain, which is distinctive because of its thickness and its characteristic leather grain.

Moreover, some models are made with semi-processed small-grain Crust Antique leather in Nubuk effect. Finally, each pair of shoes is dyed and brushed with this leather by hand. Likewise, the leather is treated with gloss wax, to emphasise the intensity of the colours.


Colibrí and Vereda are two new lines:

Colibri Line:

The fragility and agility of this small and beautiful bird was the inspiration behind this stylish, feminine and elegant line. El Naturalista is once again putting on its heels by returning to its roots: natural lines, quality leathers lining the heel and encompassing the foot to provide maximum comfort.

Vereda Line:

El path widens to reveal the world spread out at our feet. Vereda explores the chic, daring and feminine side of El Naturalista, offering women a shoe with a difference. This line experiments with its combination of materials, the details on the leathers and suggestive forms. Wood, coconut fibre, rubber... Nothing is impossible in a perfectly balanced design.


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