El Naturalista´s Guerncia thanks to Corzón

Published on 02/28/2013

During the Sales Meeting, which took place from 13th to 17th January, this year's team activity consisted in painting a copy of Picasso's “Guernica” in its original size. Our thanks go to CORZÓN.

The company from Madrid specialising in arts materials of all kinds generously lent us the canvas without which this team activity would not have been possible.

Agents come to this meeting twice a year from all over the world. In January those participating were from 18 countries in Pamplona and in their rooms were greeted with an envelope with three copies of "Guernica". On the first day we all went by bus to the Arazuri Castle in Navarra, Spain. There we encountered a huge white canvas (776.6 cm wide x 349.3 cm high). In front of this large white wall the Spanish artist Fernando Pagola explained to us what was intended over the next hours with the envelopes. The task consisted of painting the A4 copies from the envelopes onto the canvas using oils. Six to seven people painted at the same time until more than six hours later all 90 team members had contributed their part to the large painting. Then it had been achieved: "Guernica made by the El Naturalista Team".

The Director of the Commercial Division of El Naturalista, Pablo de la Peña, confirmed: "This activity reflects the essence of El Naturalista. The brand could only develop thanks to an extraordinary team, thanks to the work of each individual." to the working methods.


El Naturalista team


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