Bottle tops for hope!

Published on 02/28/2013

We have decided to support this initiative to save three-year-old Pablo Chamba. All you have to do is collect the plastic bottle caps that are usually thrown out with empty containers (milk, fruit juice, water, etc.). So start collecting!


Pablo Chamba is only three. He lives in Barañain, Navarra (Spain) and has had cerebral palsy from birth. Spanish Social Security does not cover this disability so his parents have to finance his treatment. His father has been unemployed for a year and a half and his mother works part time in the hotel sector.  Thanks to the good offices of the Fundación Bertin Osborne  they found out about the Pisa Medical Institute and decided to embark on its programme. The doctors estimate that there is an 80% probability that Pablo can grow up self-sufficient, but only if the therapy is constant. The treatment costs 12,000 Euros per annum. In the beginning his parents were willing to pay, but now the cost is beyond their means. So, on the advice of a couple from Seville who took their son to the same medical centre they decided to make a commitment to life and hope: they have to collect 60 tonnes of plastic bottle caps annually, and they have already got 2! They have set up 66 collection points in Navarra, most of them in the capital, Pamplona.

Here at the El Naturalista Pamplona office we have decided to join in and we have set up a collection box that is filling up day by day. We want Pablo to do the walk of life...

So if you'd like to help out send the fruit juice, milk, water etc. bottle caps you would otherwise throw out directly to us or contact the Fundación Bertin OsborneThanks for your support!

 Bottle tops in the office


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