• Ambar


    The precious stone formed from plant resin in which some of the planet’s most beautiful fossils have been found

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  • Andaluz


    Culture, tradition ... deeply rooted in the Spanish character. The Arabs created al-Andalus.

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  • Angkor


    The ancient City of the Khmer in Cambodia is now a symbol of the balance between human beings and Nature

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  • Anji


    The strength and hardness of bamboo, similar to that of oak, makes us value the strength of the apparently fragile.

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  • Anura


    El encanto de lo exótico, formas redondeadas, suaves, modelos con fuerte personalidad



  • Believer Dani


    Deconstruction of traditional shoes such as espadrilles or ballerina flats to give birth to our Believer line. The perfect blend of the essence of our shoes and chef Dani Garcia.



  • Camarón


    Inspired by Dani García's 'tortilla de camarones cristal'. The recipe by Dani García appear on the sole of this creation.



  • Campos


    The fields seen from the heights evoke stories ever told ... the world from the air is an impressive amalgam of shapes and colors

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  • Campos ella


    The fields are full of life and harvest time has come.

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  • Colibrí


    The fragility and agility of this small and beautiful bird was the inspiration behind this stylish, feminine and elegant line.



  • Contradición


    The alliance between El Naturalista and Dani García's cuisine. Frog legs and eyes mixed with the most basic utensils of his kitchen.



  • Croché


    Inspired by crochet. The keynote image in the Calima restaurant by Dani Garcia. An elegant, simple, fresh and feminine concept to satisfy the inner.



  • Dome


    The ecological houses designed by the Iranian architect, Nader Kahlili, as a result of his journey back to the essence and roots of life

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  • Duna


    The stillness of the desert where you can only hear the melody of the wind as it draws patterns in the sand

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  • El Viajero


    The journey as a space of initiation and learning. The altruistic pleasure of discovering new horizons and cultures to enrich the mind of the traveler

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  • Espiral


    La comodidad y frescura de un zapato hecho para lucir, cortes exquisitos y delicados



  • Estratos


    The passage of time is left imprinted in the depths of the earth in the form of sediments

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  • Evolve




  • Funghi


    With the first rains of autumn, mushrooms and fungi begin to grow, giving life to our forests.

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  • Honey


    Our tribute to bees, animals without which it would not be possible to maintain the Cycle of Life. The richness of the production process can be tasted in the end product: honey

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  • Ikebana


    Japanese floral art as a tribute to the value of silence, slowness and harmony of forms

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  • Landscape


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  • Macabuca


    The magic of the mangroves, forests that grow in rivers, like silent Venices of Nature. Trees which protect the coasts from erosion with their twisted roots and provide shelter to hundreds of species of living beings

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  • Meteo


    The isobars of a weather map that tell us about the strength and direction of the wind.

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  • Nat home




  • Naval


    El mar y la vida en torno a éste como fuente de inspiración de esta nueva línea fresca y veraniega



  • Nido


    Going back home, like the storks which return to the same nest every spring after their migrations of thousands of kilometres

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  • Octopus


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  • Orgánico


    The sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy show us that in the irregular and apparently random shapes of nature, there is a secret harmony, a hidden symmetry

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  • Pirita


    A mineral that accelerates mental activity. It eliminates obsolete and stagnant thoughts. It balances creativity and logic, reinforcing willpower and the capacity for teamwork.

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  • Quera


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  • Rana tharu


    The ancient Nepalese people that maintains its ways of life characterized by caring for nature and sustainable production processes

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  • Recyclus


    The recycling of materials as a gesture of respect and thanks to Nature

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  • Sassi


    Our tribute to “Stones”, which have been created thanks to the passage of time of which they are the result and which they will outlive

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  • Savia


    The blood of trees, source of Life and energy

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  • Senda


    The trail we leave as we walk through Life, which leads us from what we are to what we want to be

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  • Shoe Care




  • Sila


    La onda que deja la rana Sila al posarse en el agua inspira esta nueva suela antideslizante.



  • Solar


    The sundials which have witnessed the progress of mankind since the earliest times

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  • Stella


    Un mar en continuo movimiento, el cambio como motor de las tendencias, diseño en estado puro



  • Taiga


    The harshness and aridity of the land in the endless boreal winters

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  • Tesela


    The small pieces of ceramic with which the Romans created their mosaics to celebrate life and beauty

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  • Torcal


    Inspired by the Torcal de Antequera nature reserve. Dani García takes the inspiration for one of his desserts from this area. The capricious forms of its limestone rocks are reflected in the sole.



  • Tower


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  • Tricot


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  • Trillo


    Wooden boards pulled by oxen, which convert the wheat from the extensive fields into the flour used to make bread

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  • Vereda


    El path widens to reveal the world spread out at our feet.



  • Wakataua


    The wooden canoes with which the Maories of New Zealand have written their history with its close links to the sea

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  • Yggdrasil


    The sacred Tree of Life of the Nordic peoples is a symbol of the union between the Earth and the Universe

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  • Yggdrasil wood


    Myth comes true. The Tree of Life crosses the inspiration to become matter.

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  • Yugen


    One of the aesthetic ideals in the philosophy of Zen gardens, which evokes elegant simplicity

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