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  • 10 Laws of the Frog

    The 10 laws of the frog

    • 1. The law of respect for nature or the Gaya boomerang's principle

      "When we take care of our planet, the planet takes care of us"

      Each shoe of the frog protects the ground it walks on. El Naturalista manufactures shoes with traditional methods and uses recyclable and biodegradable materials to ensure respect and conservation of the environment.

    • 2. The law of respect for people or the principle of "I am You"

      "All of us are equal"

      To walk with shoes of the frog is to advance equal opportunity. El Naturalista's Atauchi Project allocates part of the company's profits to families in need, specially taking care of children's needs.

    • 3. The law of innovation or the principle of simple ideas

      "To innovate is to renew"

      The philosophy of the frog proposes recycling as a way to move the world. Recyclus is a line of "new shoes" manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials through an eco-friendly and simple industrial process.

    • 4. The law of teamwork or the principle of thousand brothers

      "Your mind is my rebound wall"

      El Naturalista is a cluster of diverse people exchanging ideas. The diversity of cultures, races, places and trends is what feeds the frog's team, it is the energy that moves our shoes.

    • 5. The law of open mind or the principle of universal artisan

      "Small is big"

      The shoes of the frog are designed in Spain, in a traditional and simple place where nature and time exist. This greatness, together with the universal mentality of our team, is what makes our brand to walk in more than fifty countries.

    • 6. The law of capacity for transformation or the principle of amphibian mimicry

      "Similar things attract to each other"

      The frog is the symbol and icon of El Naturalista for many reasons: from its closeness to nature (water and earth) to its evolutionary and changing condition. The frog is transformation, non-conformism, sympathy, agility, joy, curiosity, imagination... and those who wear its shoes, too.

    • 7. The law of capacity to be surprised or the principle of the man-child

      "I become surprised, therefore I exist"

      At El Naturalista creative work is based on observing everything around us and discovering the world every day. Nature, its textures, color, lines... and after thousand journeys, real and imagined, our shoes become a reality to be worn by imaginative minds and awakened hearts.

    • 8. The law of natural colors or the principle of the rainbow

      "Nature gives us the colors"

      Nature invented colors and El Naturalista embraces them, combines them, plays with them, and is thankful to be able to use them in the shoes.

    • 9. The law of comfort or the principle of the happy foot

      "To advance is to wear shoes worthy of the journey"

      The frog's shoes are made for people who make progress when they walking. People who do not want to waste a minute of that fantastic journey that is life. People who refuse walk through the wonders of life without beautiful and comfortable shoes.

    • 10. The law of dialogue or the principle of bilateral communication

      "We are one"

      The culture of El Naturalista is based on dialogue between people: exchange of ideas, cultures, feelings,... A bilateral communication in the form of a relaxed conversation, a dialogue among equals, a relationship of giving and taking.