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    Responsible for children

    Care and Education for Children

    Responsables con la infanciaWe still believe that children are our future and therefore, in addition to continuing with our projects in Haiti, Tanzania and Peru, we are going to extend the cooperation of El Naturalista to the countries where the brand is present thanks to the El Naturalista Prize and the new collaboration set up with Japan following the earthquake of last 11 March.

    Our goal:

    To promote care and education of children through work coordinated with recognized international institutions which lead sustainable development cooperation processes and local initiatives, multiplying efforts and promoting exchange and mutual enrichment between El Naturalista and these institutions.

    North-South Cooperation: Atauchi Project. The Atauchi Project is the origin of the spirit of solidarity of El Naturalista. Since 2003, along with development aid Organizations, we have promoted educational projects for the youngest and most needy people in Haiti (Welcome and Share), Tanzania (Friends of Tanzania) Peru (Home of Hope) and Japan (El Naturalista staff in the country). Atauchi Project is the name we give to all the actions related to international cooperation in the South. This is the name of the soul of El Naturalista, which has brought a smile to the face of many people and involved the whole team of the company: agents, sales team, communication and marketing managers, press agencies, design staff, manufacturing, shops and customers. Now is the time for you to get involved too.

    North-North Cooperation: El Naturalista Prize. In order to extend the commitment of El Naturalista with children to the North as well, in 2011 the El Naturalista Prize was created, the aim of which is to finance child support projects in some of the more than 50 countries where the brand is present worldwide. The prize, which is awarded by an external panel related to the values of El Naturalista, promotes the involvement of the international staff of El Naturalista in the implementation of the winning projects in order to open up new spaces for awareness and solidarity.