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    We are Responsible

    El Naturalista is much more than just shoes. It always has been. That’s why, since we sold the first pair in 2003, we have always donated part of our sales to social projects. Especially to child support. Because children are the future. And El Naturalista believes in the future. In a more humane, more caring future, in which human beings walk through life travelling light and leave their mark. Since then, we have not once stopped believing in Social Responsibility as a cornerstone of our actions inside and outside our work. Because all human beings are potential agents of social change, because we are all responsible.

    Social Responsibility: our primary root

    Our commitment is to promote, as agents of social change, an innovative, sustainable project consistent with the values and compromise of El Naturalista to the environment and people. Our mission is to contribute, on the basis of the values of El Naturalista, to the creation of a new business ethic whose goal is the generation of a greater commitment to society and care and education for children in the North and South.