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    InuitJump... and you will fly

    Come to the edge, she said. We are afraid we might fall. Come to the edge, she said, They went, she pushed them... and they flew.
    G. Apolina

    I looked around and what I saw amazed me... I was surrounded by the majestic temples of Angkor, Cambodia. They were built over 500 years ago and were forgotten in the jungle for centuries. The temples of Angkor Wat, under the custody of Buddhist monks, are an architectural frenzy of steps, carvings, statues and towers.

    I decided to hire a Tuk Tuk driver since the area I wanted to explore was very large. I realized that we did not speak the same language as he pointed to the places on the map that he wanted to go. Some would say that this language barrier could be a hindrance, but it was exactly what I wanted... silence to be able to listen to myself.

    The temples of Angkor are one of the greatest sources of pride for the Cambodian people. Angkor is one of the most important ancient cities of Southeast Asia with its imposing remnants of the Khmer Empire that still stand  in an area 400 km2.

    I started my tour at the Angkor Wat Temple, which houses numerous galleries, with magnificent bas-reliefs that relate ancient epic events and imposing statues representing Hindu divinities and other inhabitants of the paradise. In the center of this labyrinth of tunnels and buildings is the majestic tower that represents the Hindu sacred mountain. To get to the top, one must climb twelve monumental steps that seem to be  constructed for giants.

    The magic of Angkor lies in the harmony that the temples create with nature. No matter were you look, you see how the roots and branches of those centennial trees intertwine with the temple stones and continue growing within the temples walls.

    At sunset, embraced by the spiritual atmosphere that permeates Angkor, I leaned on an ancient root to meditate on the true meaning of life. And then... I heard resonating within me the words of my teacher, “We meditate to discover our identity, our rightful place in the scheme of things. Through meditation we acquire and recognize our connection of an internal power that has the potential to transform our exterior world.”

    With time I have learned that silence is the door that leads to the wisdom within us... and there, I decided to surrender myself to the magical power of this extraordinary place.

    - Sorry to interrupt, but I have seen you in the distance and something attracted me to you.

    After hearing these words, I thought that the voice belonged to an intrusive stanger. Somewhat annoyed I opened my eyes and saw... after so much time seeking it... it was there, in front of me. It was! I just knew and understood in the deepest of my being that the universe is with us in all our searches. It show us the way to our dreams, it show us that to believe is to create life and that, despite all, to live is the best thing that could happen to us.