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    MacabucaThe universe has an order, as does nature, and there are natural laws that rule it and give it a truly enviable balance. A balance that human beings aspire to, and which we have sought since the beginning of time.

    And it is thanks to the force of gravity, one of these laws, that trees grow over our heads, trying to reach the clouds. Plants absorb water from the ground through their roots, dissolved in that water are mineral salts and other elements, very important for nourishing the plants, and which are distributed by the sap.

    The sap goes up the vessels of plants and trees against gravity, reaching heights that are hard to explain. This mysterious mechanism that makes the sap defy gravity against the downward movement that objects generally follow is something that has always fascinated botanists.

    Modern theory supposes that water is not pumped or pushed, but rather sucked up, which is why it is given the name of the cohesion-tension theory. It explains that water molecules are bonded by means of hydrogen bridges, and when a water molecule leaves the leaf towards the atmosphere during transpiration, a vacuum is created, meaning that another similar molecule penetrates the cells to replace it, starting a chain reaction by which the water below is sucked up through the narrow tubes of the dead cells.

    Learn from plants and don't accept things just because they are supposed to be that way. Like nature, we human beings are always looking for balance. Be like the sap in plants, and never doubt your abilities, overcome anything that prevents you from growing.