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    For El Naturalista, sustainability is a guarantee of future and Life. And because we believe in a better future and respect Life, we focus on self-production, proximity to our suppliers and reduction of waste. Because all these actions help reduce our environmental footprint and allow us to move towards a future where we can continue dreaming.

    We have made imperfection our most perfect difference. We know that the more natural things are, the more wonderfully irregular and surprising they become. And we want to surprise you while keeping our feet on the ground. That's why we keep seeking a balance between naturalism and design, combining natural shapes and fabrics of the highest quality with the latest fashion trends.

    We believe it is possible to innovate without losing our craft essence, and expand our markets while being increasingly respectful to nature, which is our source of inspiration and raison d´être. We know it is possible because over the last half century we have demonstrated it day by day thanks to the innovative systems of comfort and health we have introduced to the market. Therefore, innovation is our declaration of commitment to the planet and to people. With our planet. With our people. With you.