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    Our Nature

    Rubber gives flexibility and durability to our soles. Natural rubber bends easily and cushions impacts, then recovering its shape and thickness. In this way we achieve comfortable, strong, biodegradable soles. Maintaining all the properties and high quality of rubber, recycled rubber is obtained from surplus or reused materials which would otherwise become industrial waste. What better reason for choosing this ecological raw material?

    100% natural jute
    Now espadrilles are for the rain too! Thanks to the special treatment we give to the jute we make our soles with, our shoes last much longer because they don't get wet, don't lose their shape, don't get heavy, don't smell bad, and are breathable. All this thanks to a totally natural material worked using careful craftsmanship.

    We use recycled PU and waste cork shavings in the manufacture of some of our soles, giving them a finish that allows us to enjoy the texture and woodland smell of this natural material which makes for highly comfortable walking.

    The wood used in our soles comes from Spanish pine from controlled plantations which guarantee production and reforestation. Its use allows us to give an elegant finish and organic evocation to our shoes. But in our path towards your comfort, we have not forgotten to give this sole the maximum flexibility thanks to a special bending system.

    High quality cotton with a totally natural treatment is the canvas on which the creative team of El Naturalista expresses itself through its unique, exclusive designs.