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    Making each one of our shoes is a complex dance involving many People. Each shoe is a puzzle with many pieces which are cut, sewn and put together with the greatest precision. And in a world where everything invites us to rush, we focus on manual processes and quality finishes.

    We choose high quality raw materials and promote manufacturing processes that combine careful craftsmanship with innovation.

    We care for the environment and also for people. Therefore, as far as possible, we try to use water-based glues. Because we know that breathing enables us to be in permanent contact with Life. And in our factories, you can breathe. Factories where hand sewing processes coexist with the most innovative telematic production control technology.

    As a guarantee of the quality of our products, we manufacture in two places with a long shoemaking tradition: La Rioja-Spain and Tangiers-Morocco. Two places which are geographically distant but joined by a common destiny: leatherwork. We make our shoes together and in the process we strengthen our intercultural ties and, out of respect, create spaces for mutual learning. And in doing so, we are committed to diversity and the local economic development of the Southern countries.