• Anatomic Insoles


    These anatomically designed insoles are made of recycled cork. Their role is simple but extremely important: they fit the shape of the foot like a glove. Thus, when walking, the weight is distributed optimally throughout the sole of the foot and the impact is absorbed, avoiding damage to the sensitive areas. In other words, every step is a pleasure.



  • Antique Leather


    This is a leather that is rough to the touch, thanks to its waxed finish. It gives the shoes a very genuine style, and a natural, vivid and elegant appearance.



  • Bamboo


    Bamboo offers breathability, absorption and natural antibacterial properties. It is flexible, fresh, hypoallergenic and in its manufacturing requires less water than other conventional fibers, therefore becomes an excellent material in an ecosustainable production model. Materials present in this Lining product are 100% Natural, favoring its characteristics and properties.



  • Cares Leather


    Leather finished with waxes and oils that highlight its natural look. A casual yet elegant thick and soft leather.



  • Comfort Last


    This type of shoe stretcher has a slanted design that fits with the natural shape of the foot. It has been made studying the anatomical shape of the foot so that the shoes are replicas of the natural design of our bodies. The styles that have this ergonomic shape do not compress the foot when either walking or at rest, providing great comfort and health with every step.



  • Felt


    Point based textile, in which the wool blend is handled. Afterwards this wool is carded and felted. Its composition is 55% wool and 45% polyamide.



  • Goodyear Construction


    This is a maximum strength construction consisting of a double stitch which joins together the upper, the sole and the midsole.



  • Hand stitching


    El Naturalista unites the latest technology with traditional shoemaking and makes some styles with special hand stitching. Thanks to this technique inspired by the origin of footwear, it is possible to use thicker thread, resulting in robust shoes with an unmistakable traditional finish.



  • Heat-moldable insole


    No two feet are exactly the same, so we made our footbeds heat moldeable. When heated, NATFIT insoles mold to create a custom fit for your unique foot and footwear, without losing their supportive shape.



  • Homemade Leather


    Home finished leather, double brushed on the ended shoe. This brush highlights the elegance of the lasts and provides a dress look made by real footwear artisans.



  • Microfiber


    It is a technical lining with a great capacity of absorbing humidity, giving total breath ability for the skin and providing a fresh and dry feel thanks to its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-odour treatment.



  • Ontex


    Our waterproof membrane for rainy days. Providing the best possible climate comfort.



  • Piel Lux Suede


    High quality suede with a water-resistant treatment (2h). the special short hair suede is made with an extra fine sanding that leaves dust in suspension and it might produce color migrations due to the non application of products to eliminate its naturalness. This finish highlights the vividness of colors thanks to superfine hair that keeps the writing effect depending on the way of the suede´s surface



  • Pull Grain Leather


    This is a very natural leather, with a rustic appearance, treated with natural oils and greases in a traditional way. When you touch it and wear it, you will experience softness.



  • Recycled Insole


    The material of this insole helps maintain foot hygiene providing a high level of sweat absorption. In addition it helps increase comfort.



  • Recycled Rubber Sole


    They are obtained from surplus materials, maintaining all the properties and high quality of synthetic rubber. Cut Wood Sole



  • Removable Insoles


    Removable insoles with an anatomic design. An advantage for those who need to use their own orthopaedic insoles or people whose feet sweat profusely. Made from recycled PU. Removable anatomic insoles which can be replaced by orthopaedic insoles or others required in the case of profuse sweating.



  • Rubber Sole


    Rubber gives our soles flexibility and durability. Thus we achieve soles that are comfortable, resistant and biodegradable in 500 years. Rubber gives our soles flexibility and durability. Thus we achieve soles that are comfortable, resistant and biodegradable in 500 years.



  • sole for walking


    Made of natural rubber and recycled cork, it offers greater comfort in one single piece.