Our inspiration at times is a small insect, sometimes a sweet fairy, or other times an aloof swallow…

As you can imagine it is one of the most important elements for us, since what we seek with our footwear is to bring beautiful things to your feet which inspire you in your walk through life.


During all my life I have gone from place to place. I cannot count on both my hands all the cities I have visited, nor the homes which have received me, sometimes with open arms and other with their arms crossed; I have studied in eight different centres and today I can say that my home is the world and my family - each one of the people I have had the good fortune of sharing my journey with.


In this collection the inspiration has been presented in the shape of a fragile, light, and hard substance, the only precious stone which is known to originate from vegetables, the amber. The trees produce this resin, which dates back to some 30 million years, and acts as a protection against illnesses and infections. And therefore we desire that this collection protects you from any harm, that helps you to elevate above obstacles with your light feet, that the unpaved floors do not injure and that at every step you are accompanied with the affection which moves us. Our philosophy is not limited to cover them but intends to caress them, to protect them, to make your journey both simpler and authentic.


It was Thales of Miletus, who lived around 600 BC, considered one of the seven wise people of Greece, first noticed how the blades of grass were attracted to the amber stone when he had rubbed it against his robe. The name electron comes from the Greek word for amber and is a fundamental subatomic particle. And it is the energy that comes from human beings which makes the universe so special; its duplicated each time that it crosses with other energies and for this reason is it imperative we respect others and give the best of ourselves.