Materials and Construction

  • Since the inception of the brand, El Naturalista has tried to be as respectful as possible towards nature and the environment. The use of the least harmful of materials for the production of their shoes, the use of natural dyes, recycled, biodegradable and natural materials, and the combination of new technologies with traditional craftsmanship provide the foundation of El Naturalista’s  manufacturing philosophy and eco-policy. 

Trillo Construction




Rana Tharu Sandal Construction

The set of images below demonstrate the various hand-held processes required to manufacture a single pair of Rana Tharu sandals. Combined with the required stitching, cutting and sanding processes of machines, each sandal takes approximately 105 minutes to craft. Many hand-held techniques and processes are incorporated into the manufacturing and crafting of El Naturalista footwear, demonstrating a desire to perpetuate and emphasize the importance and uniqueness of a handcrafted shoe.

Rana Tharu construction


  • Cut pieces, insole ready.
  • Assembling pieces to be lined.
  • Gluing the leather into the contour.
  • Reactivating
  • Glueing for the assembling process.
  • Pressing.
  • Sanding for the assembling process.
  • Glueing the rubber heel.
  • Assembling the outsole.
  • Nailing the heel.
  • Stitching the outsole.
  • Cutting the sandal pieces.
  • Assembling sandal pieces.
  • Hand stitching of insole and upper.
  • Final press of the set.