Technical Characteristics

  • Certain characteristics can be attributed to certain individual shoe styles. Some are comprised of recycled rubber soles while others are comprised of natural rubber soles. These individual characteristics further define and shape each style.

  • insoles">Breathable insoles

    The latest technology in breathable materials - Our insoles utilize a recycled carbon compound that optimizes the relationship between shock-absorption and breathability. The result is a level of performance that is superior to that of other materials. Some models also incorporate an anti-bacterial finish to provide optimum foot hygiene.

  • leather stream">90% Vegetable tanned leather stream

    Stream leather is tanned using vegetable extracts and ground tree bark. In order to fully take in its qualities, it has been churned non-stop for several weeks inside a special cylinder. It is greased in a slow and delicate process, by expert hands in an entirely artisan fashion, using natural animal fat and olive and sunflower oils. Once it is dry, the outer coat of the leather is minutely impregnated with olive oil. This operation provides the shoes with an exclusive finish that naturally protects them from water, dirt, and the passage of time. When the weather is cold, you will find your shoes to be covered by fine white film: this is our best guarantee of quality. Proof that they are prepared for life.

  • leather Sinai">Natural leather Sinai

    Sinai leather is composed of calfskin - and only wrinkled leather is used to give a look of ageing. A natural and rough complexion with a shiny finish that contrasts with a matt glossiness is achieved through the use of this leather.

  • soles">Recycled rubber soles

    With all the properties of natural rubber, recycled rubber is obtained from either leftover or reutilised material. Current recycling technologies allow the highest quality rubber to be produced using materials that otherwise would be classified as industrial waste. There can be no better argument for choosing this enviromentally-friendly raw material.

  • Recycled polyurethane insole

     The insole is based on polyurethane, which provides improved comfort. It is the perfect material to maintain foot hygiene. The insoles also include ‘active carbon'; they are ‘anti-bacterial', ‘anti-static', and breathable , to provide greater absorption of sweat.

  • leather ">Pull grain leather

     This leather is treated with river stones to naturally temper the hide, a process that allows us to obtain a highly luxuriant and resistant leather that at the same time is extremely soft to the touch and flexible for walking. If you examine the leather closely, you can appreciate its grain or irregular texture - proof that it has been treated completely naturally. These shoes are comfortable, lightweight and versatile, making them ideal for embarking on any kind of journey.  

  • leather "Papyrus" ">Semi-vegetable leather "Papyrus" 

     "Papyrus" is a very soft goat leather. One of its most important characteristics is that it is tanned without the use of chrome. This leather has been cured using the same artisan crafting techniques that were employed to create the antique leathers for parchment or book covers in the 15th and 16th century. This leather gives every shoe a very distinctive and sophisticated look.

  • soles">Natural rubber soles

     Using 100% natural rubber soles is a key factor in achieving shoe flexibility and durability. Natural rubber bends easily and absorbs impact, but completely recovers its shape and thickness and is more durable than synthetic materials. This results in comfortable, resistant and extremely long-lasting soles. Also, once natural rubber is discarded it degrades much more rapidly than synthetic materials. Nature always assimilates more easily what she originally created.

  • ®">Microfibra

     MICROFIBRA® is a high-tech lining with a great capacity for absorbing humidity, for maintaining complete breathability to the skin, and for providing a fresh and dry feeling. MICROFIBRA®, thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odor treatment "THERMY-TEX", inhibits the growth of the bacteria causing foot odor.

  • Hand stitched

     El Naturalista brings together the latest technologies with shoemaking traditions by using a special hand-stitching technique to produce some of its models. This technique, inspired by traditional shoemaking methods, makes it possible to use a thicker thread, which results in a sturdy shoe with an unmistakable artisan's finish.

  • Frog shock system

     Our exclusive anti-shock system offers optimum comfort in every possible situation. This is a special cushioned insole that absorbs the impact on the heel. This extra protection allows you to walk comfortably for an entire day, and then sprint to catch your flight just in the nick of time...

  • Ergonomic rubber

    Some of our models feature a wedge of ergonomic material concealed in the heel support area, which can be seen by raising the insole. It provides crucial points of support for weight distribution resulting in a springy sensation and amazing shock-absorption. This material has been selected for its properties of rapid recuperation and indefinite shape retention. In contrast to other gels or compounds found on the market, ergonomic rubber guarantees the cushioning during the entire useful life of the product.

  • Comfort last

    Our comfort lasts have an angled outline that adapts to the natural shape of the foot. By studying the foot's anatomical configuration, we created lasts that will replicate our physical contours. The models that incorporate this ergonomic shape do not compress, either while walking or in repose, making them incredibly comfortable; and in this case comfort equals health.

  • insoles">Anatomic insoles

    These anatomically-designed insoles are made from recycled cork. Their shape is simple yet extremely important: they fit the contours of the foot like a glove. The distribution of weight over the sole of the foot while walking is thus optimal, with the insoles absorbing impacts and preventing damage to sensitive areas. In other words, every footstep is a pleasure!

  • Double flexible construction (Dfc)

    Ultra light construction using a double process: 1. The upper attaches to the featherline of the rubber, providing extra comfort and flexibility. 2. 360˚ stitching for reinforcement and a craftsman look. Also includes our brand new insole STONETHERAPY.

  • Stonetherapy insole

    The design of this insole is inspired by geothermal therapy, which consists of walking on smooth pebbles while hot and cold water jets massage the feet. Walking on pebbles activates blood circulation and stimulates the energy points. A natural insole made of viscoelastic foam manufactured in a two-step system. The result is an insole of maximum comfort thanks to its elasticity-also known as "elastic memory"-that allows the insole to constantly recover its cellular structure during its daily use. Our insole utilizes the Shock Absorber technique, which increases the comfort of the wearer and reduces the impact on the heel. All our foams use active carbon, or in its absence, an antibacterial treatment.

  • Corktherapy

    Polyurethane cork insole made of recycled materials, consisting of 15% recycled Polyurethane and 15% cork residue shavings. Furthermore our insole includes a wet-white split leather which brings about higher respect towards the environment due to its minimum chrome content. These materials provide high comfort thanks to their unique and special features.

  • Removable insoles

     These insoles have an ergonomic design and can be removed. They are useful for these who use orthopedics insoles, as well as for those who have perspiration problems. All El Naturalista removable insoles are made from recycled polyurethane.

  • Natural oiled leather

     Natural oiled leather is tanned with chromium in accordance with European Union regulations. It is greased in a slow and delicate process, using natural vegetables oils. It does not contain any coatings, which allows the leather ‘s natural properties (veins, color tones, grain texture) to be appreciated. It is 100% natural leather. The result of this artisan process is smooth leather that molds easily to the foot.

  • Atlas Leather

     This natural leather is tanned in compliance with the European Union regulations using a natural pumping process. The whole process is slow and delicate, that results in a 100% natural finish characterized by the different color tones and grain texture of the leather. The irregularity in the grain can be seen and is characteristic of this natural process.

  • Eco Leather

     A wet-white split leather. The process and the characteristics of the Eco Leather is pretty similar to the mineral split leather process but we are also using natural products like chestnut or mimosa*. This leather brings about higher respect towards the environment due to special characteristics such as durability, malleability, transpiration, and comfort.
    The entire process and treatment of the leather is more eco friendly and brings about higher respect towards the environment than the normal ones. At the same time, the characteristics of the Eco helps a lot in the process of degradation and recycling of the leather.
    • Mimosa is a genus of about 400 species of herbs and shrubs, in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the legume family Fabaceae.

  • Leaves Leather

    Leaves Leather is tanned and manufactured in Spain. The tanning process is semi vegetal. The vegetable components in this process bring out the characteristics of the leather’s organic material providing transparency, colour intensity and brightness