Atauchi Project will travel to Africa

Atauchi project continue this humanitarian work and expand its outreach to Africa

From 2009, the Atauchi Project will expand its outreach to other countries and will travel to Africa. In keeping with our social commitment, we will assist in the education of children by constructing a school for 600 students in Togo.

Social context of the school project in Togo

The following is a description of the social context of the new school in Togo that will be built with the economic support of El Naturalista through the Atauchi Project.


Ganga, near Cinkasse, is located in the Savanes region of the northern part of the African country of Togo; the area has borders with Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Benin. With a population of 30,000 inhabitants, it is 650 kilometers from the capital, Lome, which is the economic and administrative center of the nation.


This region is the largest in Togo and the most neglected by the central government. It is also the region of Togo with the highest rate of illiteracy. Today less than 20% of children and adolescents attend school. The education system is highly inadequate. There are only a few schools in the entire region and the schools that do exist were established with great difficulties and offer a limited academic program. The teachers, many of them contracted by the local population, with low salaries that they often do not receive, feel abandoned; they have no supervision and little support.


With these deplorable conditions it is understandable that the educational level in the region continues to decline. Only 15% of children attend primary school and for girls, the number is only 5%. It is difficult to convince parents to send their children to school because families need these children to work in the fields to help support the family.


Together with the Association for the Help to Professional Schools in Africa, El Naturalista, through its Atauchi Project, is betting on education. We believe that education is the most efficient means for the men and women of Africa to make progress and to achieve a just and equalitarian society that promotes and defends fundamental rights.


A just society is indispensable for progress and to reach it, a minimum level of education is essential. If this generation in Togo does not adapt and embrace change, it will become more and more marginalized. For this reason, we believe that a good education is the basis for any advancement and development. Without it change is not possible.